Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What this blog is about - in short sports

I am crazy about sports. Always have been since I was a kid growing up in Brisbane, Australia. I used to ride my bike down to the newagent and buy Rugby League Week every week and study the stats and scores. I have 10 years worth from 1982-1992 in my parents shed packed away in boxes.

Since those days in Brisbane I have lived in England and I now live in the USA. Along the way I picked up the local sports and added them to my following list. Recently I started training and competing in triathlons (now up to half ironmans) so I added triathlon, swimming, cycling and running to the list as well. The list got longer.

To keep up with all the sports results is not easy. So I started a Google calendar to schedule all the results and games so I don't miss anything. This calendar is now my obsession and I am constantly altering and checking. I bought an iphone so I can easily check the calendar, receive alerts and check results. Told you I was crazy - about sports.

So now I started this blog as a kind of outlet for all the sports and results that I keep up with so that the whole world can see how crazy I am - about sports. Now I am an expat Australian boy from Brisbane who now lives in Boston (and my wife is American) so there will be some bias in that direction. I have to say that when it comes to international competition my allegience is with Australia first then the USA (I want to stay marreid you know!).

Since I moved to Boston (12 years ago now) I have become totally immersed in Boston sports and a big fan of the Celtics, Bruins and Patriots.

On the Australian sports side I have stayed loyal to my Queensland roots for Rugby League SOO, Rugby Union (Reds) and cricket but my boyhood NRL team was always the Cronulla Sharks. Aussie Rules was never my game so very little will be written here but the AFL. Of course I follow the Australian cricket, rugby league and rugby union teams with a passion!

After living in England I became obsessed (see a pattern?) with the EPL and I have since been a big fan of Chelsea and I also follow the Sheffield teams although they are now in lower divisions these days. Just for good measure I also keep up with the Serie A (Italian) and La Liga (Spain) competitons which I consider the next best leagues in the world. Can't say that I am a big fan of the Australian domestic league but I do follow the Socceroos closely and many of the soceroo players that play overseas.

Tennis and golf are also on the radar (both men and women) with a particular eye out for the Aussie players and rooting for them to do well.

Since I have taken up the sport of triathlon I have been following the pros in Ironman again keeping my eye out for outstanding Aussie performance. And just for good measure I like to keep up to date with swimming, cycling and athletics as well.

So I know that is a long list and may be longer than most normal people follow. It just grew and grew over the years. So if you are also crazy - about sports - then check back and read my review and opinion on these sports.