Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Details of the sports fan challenge

OK in the previous post I explained my obsession with sports which spans 2 hemispheres.  Coupled with this obsession is another obsession which involves collecting sports paraphernalia associated with these teams.  This includes primarily items of clothing : hats, shirts, jackets, etc.  And I wear them almost every day!  Almost always I wear the clothing associated with the team that is playing that day or in commemoration of a great win the night before.  At the very least they have to be currently playing in their respective seasons. For instance once the Patriots are out of the running for the Super Bowl then all the associated clothing is packed away until the next season and I move on to teams that are still in the running.  As you can see from the previous post I have a lot of teams on my follow list so almost every day I can wear a different teams colors.

Therefore I came up with a idea for posts that would also give a glimpse into my sports world.  Every day (this is the goal!) I will post a photo of myself wearing clothing associated with a sporting team or individual that I follow.  The selection of the clothing will depend on whether they are playing a big game that day or to celebrate a great win the day before.  I will explain my reasons for the selection in the post.

Think I am up for the challenge?

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