Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today's sports fan challenge is brought to you from my deck

OK not a great night for Boston last night.  Bruins went down in the final minute to Vancouver in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals.  What a heartbreaker.  The Red Sox were swept by the White Sox and are now 2 games behind the Yankees in the AL East and the Rays are only a half game behind.

As I mentioned I am going to wear a piece of of clothing every day from a sports team or individual that I support (for the original post click here).  Today the Red Sox and Bruins have a day off and there aren't any other teams that I support that are playing today.  Both teams lost so the questions is which team should I wear today? 

My answer is both since I beleive that as atrue fan they need the support also when they are down.  So today I will wear both Red Sox and Bruins gear to support them in their tough losses yesterday.  Here are some pics from my morning coffee on my roof deck.  What a beautiful sunny day here in Beantown!

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