Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let me explain my EPL allegiences first

I am a big fan of the EPL.  I have to admit I haven't been a life time fan of soccer though.  I grew up in Brisbane Australia at a time when kids thought that soccer was for girls and most boys played rugby.  So I played rugby and ignored soccer.  I played rugby league until I was about 19 and suffered some bad injuries. Then I gave up playing and focused on my university studies. At university I met a bunch of guys that were fans of soccer and I played in an indoor league with them and we had a couple of German exchange students with us who were really good and they helped us win the D grade title!  Then I started watching international soccer, mostly the EPL and the Serie A which were shown in Australia at the time every Saturday.  My room mate and I thought it was the perfect Saturday afternoon activity while we worked off our hang overs!

In 1995 I moved to Sheffield in England to work at the University. At the time local team Sheffield Wednesday was in the premier league so I followed them closely while I was there from 1995-1997.  When I left I followed them as well even through their tough years of relegation to Division 2.  While I was in England I often went to London on the weekends to visit friends and I was very fond of the Chelsea area.  So I began to follow Chelsea as well in 1996 and even closer when I left England for the States and Wednesday was demoted so I never got to see them.  Around that time Chelsea started to become quite successful so I got to see them more on TV in the States.  Then of course when they were sold in 2003 to Abramovich they became the very sucessful team they are today.

Just thought I would explain myself as I will refer to these teams more than others in this blog.

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