Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WTF has happened to Chelsea?

OK I have been away on vacation and kind of out of the loop this month but it's not hard to notice what has been going on in the EPL lately.  WTF has happened to Chelsea?  Everything seemed to being going along just fine coming into November, top of the table.  The a loss to Liverpool on November 7.  No panic get back to it.  A win at Fulham is followed by a bad loss to Sunderland at home none the less. Hang on what's going on here. Then another loss to Birmingham and panic stations.  Just when you wouldn't have thought it could get worse along comes December.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the late equaliser against Everton, that win was in the bag.  The draw against Tottenham was painful. I was on vacation in Antigua and when we went to lunch I noticed that the game was on in a common room and some Chelsea supporters were watching.  I stopped for 10 mins to watch when the game was 1-0 to Tottenham.  Then I went to lunch and when I came back I saw the equaliser by Drogba.  The penalty miss by Drogba was super painful though, I wonder how many penalties he missed last year?

Then I'm back from vacation and all excited that the Chelsea-Arsenal game is on ESPN here in the States.  Arsenal scores the first three goals within 60 mins and the game is over.  Chelsea now has no wins in the last 6 games.  They have slipped to 5th and are 7pts behind Manchester United (thanks to their draw with Birmingham City today).  Meanwhile Manchester United continues on their merry way and still has not lost a game (but has 7 draws).  It's probably lucky for Chelsea that their game against Man U was cancelled. Tottenham, Manchester City, Arsenal and surprisingly Blackpool have all shown good form in the last 6 games with at least 10pts each (Chelsea has 3!!!!).

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