Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will Vick be a better QB at the Eagles?

Vick is the hottest QB in the NFL at the moment (except maybe P Manning but he has been hot for so long we don't want to talk about him).  Fresh off an amazing game accounting for all 4 of the Eagles TDs v the hopeless Jaguars.  He is quite obviously the man in Philly right now, Reid has ditched the man (Kolb) who he chose when he ditched the previous man (McNabb) if that makes any sense.  I doubt that chosing Vick was all Reid's decision but he looks good now doesn't he?  It looks like we are going to get a good look at Vick in the coming weeks and get a better sample size of what kind of QB he is now today in 2010.  A question may arise as to whether Vick will be the same player he was with Atlanta or is he a different QB now.  He obviously has the physical skills to run and move around the pocket, we have already seen that and the mere sight is Vick taking off sends shivers down my spine.  But the situation and coaching staff is different in Philly compared to the Atlanta days. He has some decent weapons in Philly, can you remember any decent receivers he had in Atlanta?  The Falcons relied heavily in Vick's runnning game.  Andy Reid is an offensive minded coack whereas Mora was a defensive minded coach.  Could we see Vick become more of a passer and in the long run a better QB?  Well we are going to get to see as it unfolds over the next few weeks as Vick gets his chance.  Starting next week against the man McNabb.

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