Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get ready Boston for the Shaquille O'Neal Show

This morning as I was driving to work I heard Dennis and Callahan talking to Shaq on WEEI. It's amazing how little you really know about pro sports guys until you they actually play for a team in your town and then they come under the microscope of the local papers and the local radio stations. I always that of Shaq as a pretty selfish guy on the way out, getting slow. Some of those points may be true but one thing is for certain its going to be entertaining this year with Shaq on the Celtics. In his interview this morning he was witty, pretty funny, very frank and even sounds honest. I would love to hear from Lakers or Heat fans about him. He said he never drinks because he is the son of a drill sergeant, he wants to finish his doctorate, he still wants to be a sheriff and he wants to do whatever it takes to help the Celtics to win.

Quite a variety of topics!

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