Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Roy Williams claims Michael Irvin's comments took him to another level

So a couple of weeks ago Michael Irvin made a commen that having Roy Williams on the Dallas offense was like playing with 10 v 11. Last weekend he scored 2 touchdowns and the Cowboys won. In a recent interview Williams claimed that Irwin's comments fired him up and "If anything, Michael Irvin picked me up a little bit with the 10-on-11 comment. That really ticked me off and that’s taken me to another level. My thing is just be consistent, don’t worry about what everybody else says and just do my job.”

My question is why does it take some stupid comment by Irvin to fire up Roy Williams. You would think the mere fact they drafted Dez Bryant and he is getting some serious action would be enought to fire him up right?

Here is the whole interview click here

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