Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is how obsessed I am about sports!

For those of you that don't know me I am quite obsessed with sports.  Just ask my wife.  I could watch sports all day every day and pretty much not watch anything else.  Part of this obsession is the fact that I follow sports in multiple countries, in particular the US and Australia.  I grew up in Australia loving sports like cricket and rugby as a kid.  All through my life I have continued to follow these sports as best I could but now that almost all games are available on TV it has made watching them much easier.  Below I is a list of Australian sports and sporting teams that I follow closely:

Australian national team
Queensland Bulls

Australian National team (Kangaroos)
Queensland Maroons
Cronulla Sharks
Brisbane Broncos

Australian National Team (Wallabies)
Queensland Reds

Socceroos (Australian National Team)
Brisbane Roar

Added to these teams I also follow Australian tennis, golf, track and field athletes, triathletes, swimmers, cyclists.

Since I moved to Boston I have latched on to the Boston teams like I grew up here and have supported them all my life (I have lived here for 12 years, never lived in another US city and have seen then Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox win titles in that time, my Boston friends consider me a good luck charm!).  Therefore to add to the list above are the Boston teams that I follow:


Red Soc



Now to make the list even longer I also lived in England for 18 months (about 14 years ago) and while I was there became attached to a few teams in the English Premier League.  I lived in Sheffield so I followed those teams and Chelsea was favourite area of London so I also latched on to those teams.  Lets add those to the list:

Chelsea FC
Sheffield United
Sheffield Wednesday

So now the list is quite long and covers both summer and winter sports in the northern and southern hemispheres.  Therefore in the northern winter I follow sports such as basketball, hockey and soccer while in Australia I also follow cricket at the same time.  To keep all these sports I have a collection of apps that send me alerts, notifications etc.  I also set up a schedule on google calendar with all the teams that I follow (which includes rivals to my teams, for example Red Sox rivals: Yankees and Rays).

Every morning I check the calendar and the various apps that I have to catch up on sports that may have happened overnight (in Australia or southern hemisphere) and to see who is playing that day and to make arrangements for possible games that I may want to watch.  There is an introduction into my world of sports.  Just be thankful you aren't married to me (my poor wife handles it all very well).

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