Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh that's right the NBA finals start tonight...

Man the NBA finals drag on.  I have been so caught up with the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals I forgot that the NBA finals are on.   I was really hoping that the Bulls were going to knock off the Heat but Derek Rose just couldn't do it himself.  I was really hoping the Celtics were going to knock off the Heat but I have to admit the boys looked a little old at the end there.  After all the bullshit with Lebron in the off season and taking his talents to South Beach I was so hoping (along with many other Heat fans I bet) that the Heat would be a failure.  Well that is obviously no the case and they have gotten stronger and stronger through the playoffs.  On the other side the Mavs have shown top form knocking off the Lakers (great result, too bad Kobe) and too good for a young Ok City team).  Dirk deserves a championship and the big question is does he have the supporting cast to top the Heat?  I hope so.  GO MAVS!!!

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