Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stanley Cup Game 1 only 1 day away!

Hockey is quite a new sport for me and I only really got into it about 5 years ago.  Of all the major American sports it was the last to catch on for me but now I am a huge fan.  Interesting side note:  my mother who lives in Brisbane Australia came to visit me in Boston 5 years ago for the first time and was obsessed with hockey which she watched for the first time! My interest in the Bruins was accelerated due to 2 main factors in the last few years:

1.  When I met my wife her brother, father and her sister's husband are all huge fans and I watched many games with them
2.  We bought a 50 inch HD TV and I could see the puck a lot clearer!

This season I had the fortune to buy into a share of Bruins season tickets with my brother in law and his cousin and I went to about 10 regular season games.  Then when the playoffs began we got the whole set of playoff tickets so I went to some great games in every series.  Now they are in the Stanley Cup which starts in Wednesday and we have tickets to all the games!  Talk about luck!

View from our seats Game 2 Bruins v Lightning which the Bruins won 6-5!

As mentioned a couple of posts ago I am going to wear an item of sports clothing from a team or individual that I follow to either support an upcoming game or to celebrate a big win (link to post here).  With the Stanley Cup coming up tomorrow today I am going to wear Bruins gear in support of their first Stanley Cup finals appearance in 21 years!  Maybe I will be good luck again and bring another title to Boston? (Since I lived here the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics have won titles!)

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