Saturday, May 28, 2011

What a great sports week!

OK I haven't written anything for a while but this week has really inspired me because it was such a great week in my sporting world.

First and foremost was the Bruins win last night in Game 7 v Tampa Bay which secured their first Stanley Cup finals appearance in about 20 years.  I have to admit of all the American sports hockey was the last that I caught on to.  It was so foreign to me and I have never even been ice skating before!  But over the years my interest has grown and I now rate it my second favourite American sport (sorry NFL is still the first).  I love the physicality and the spontaneity.  The last few years I have really latched on to the Bruins which was in part due to my wife's family particularly my brother in laws (wife's sister's husband and wife's brother) who are big fans.  This year I even had a share of season tickets (actually went to about 10 reg season games and 2 playoff games).  Now I have a chance to go and see a Stanley Cup game!

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