Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Game 7 Stanley Cup Finals Bruins v Canucks: can't get a bigger hockey game than this!

Tonight is the biggest game in Boston hockey history for 40 years and for most hockey fans in this town is a once in a lifetime experience.  The Boston Bruins are playing for the Stanley Cup and they have the attention of the whole city.  And the hopes of a championship.

It has been an amazing ride throughout the playoffs and into the finals and it is amazing that it will all come to an end tonight.  It is safe to say that not many people thought the Bruins would get this far and to be so close to winning the Stanley Cup is an amazing achievement.  They did win a Game 7 in the playoffs against the Canadiens and Lightning but this time they will be away from home.  The three times they have played in Vancouver it has been close and there is a feeling that they could win one there and they have one more chance to close it out.

As I have been all season I will be watching intently, this time at home with my family and close friends.  Some of whom have been Bruins fans all their lives and can feel a Stanley Cup within grasp. 

Here's to the Boston Bruins and bring home the Cup boys!!!! We will be here waiting for you to return!!!

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