Wednesday, June 15, 2011

State of Origin this morning : Queensland v New south Wales rugby league

Early this morning (5:30am EST) Game 2 of the State of Origin rugby league series between Queensland and New South Wales was played.  The photo was taken before the game and I have on my maroon jersey and pants in support of my hometown team Queensland.  Queensland has dominated the series in the last 5 years winning each year and NSW are desperate for a series win.  Game 2 was played in Sydney the NSW Blues made a few key changes.   I headed over to my mate's place to watch the game shown live on Fox Soccer Channel.  He was from NSW but also lives here in South Boston so it made for some interesting watching.
It was a hard close game as most of the Origin games are but in the end NSW won.  Disappointing for Queenslanders but there will be one more game on July 6 to decide the series.  I will have the maroon on that day as well looking for series win number 6 in a row.

If you are not familiar with the State of Origin Rugby League series check out this link:

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