Tuesday, June 14, 2011

State of Origin Game 2 tomorrow! Maroons going for series win!

Got to mention as well that early tomorrow morning 6am US EST is the 2nd State or Origin Rugby League match, Queensland v New South wales. This is one of the biggest events of the Australian Rugby League season and also on my sporting calendar.  I grew up in Brisbane, Queensland a die hard Queensland rugby league supporter and the rivalry with the state to the south, New South Wales has always been intense.  Game 1 was a win for Queensland in the the minutes of the game after the scored a try to seal victory.  If they win tomorrow it will make it 6 series wins in a row for Queensland, they have been completely dominant in recent years.

So I will be up early and heading over to my mate's place (a New South Welsh man) here in South Boston at 5:30 am to watch the game which is being televised live on Fox Soccer Channel this year.  Not quite the same as sitting in my the living room of my parents' house in the north of Brisbane, middle of winter (although the winters are very mild in Brisbane) on a Wednesday night, hanging on every play with my family and friends and hoping for a Queensland win.  But I will be there in spirit and heart.


If you are not familiar with the State of Origin Rugby League series check out this link:

My treasured Queensland Maroons State of Origin jersey

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