Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kevin Kolb's game last week vs San Fran should not be overlooked

Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb (4) runs for 19 yards against the San Francisco 49ers in the third quarter at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on October 10, 2010. The Eagles defeated the 49ers 27-24  UPI/Terry Schmitt Photo via Newscom

On the whole Kevin Kolb put in a good performance against San Fran last week and steered the Eagles to a win.  OK so San Fran's turnovers probably cost them the game but Kolb did a good job under the circumstances to make sure that Phily won.  I would even go as far to say it was one of the better performances by a QB on a winning side this week (there weren't that many in my opinion).  Let me make my case.

If you look at his numbers for aimed passes (does not include thrown away, hurried etc) then they are as follows:
28 Att, 21 Comp, 253 yards, 1TD, 0 INT, QB rating 114.1

Pretty good numbers, quite solid.  I love the guys at Pro Football Focus (that's where I get a lot of my stats get the premium subscription!!) and they gave him a rating of 3 (best that week was 6 for Rivers and Romo).  If you look at the YAC for all receivers the total is 118yds, not a lot, so not much work done by receivers after they caught the pass.  I like to look at an adjusted QB rating (I call the DJQB rating, if anyone knows a real name let me know) just to look at the yards minus the YAC.  Therefore the DJQB rating is 96.6, also not bad.  He was also good in the RZ with 4/4, 27yds, 1TD, 0 INT for a rating of 134.3.

Of his receiver Jermy Maclin had a good game with 6 catches for 95 yards.  Brent Celek caught a TD pass but also dropped 2 passes which certainly didn't help Kolb's numbers. One drop was on 4th and 1 which hurt the Eagles. The other "drop" was to Celek who dropped it on the San Fran 15 yard line on 3rd down which would have really hurt SF.

Let's now look at his team's pass blocking.  Looking at the PFF ratings, Philly had a team rating pass block rating of -2, which was made better after they took out LT King Dunlap (-4.1) who played 32 of the 36 pass plays.  So Kolb's pass blocking was quite pathetic, not completely dismal but pathetic and didn't help his cause.  This is shown by the fact that he was sacked 3 times and hurried 11 times so he was under a lot of pressure.

As mentioned above by the number of hurries San Fran had a good pass rush throughout the game, the PFF guys rated the team a 6.8.  On the season San Fran is ranked 17th in pass rush and 8th last in pass coverage.  They are 21st in YPG (227.6) and 5th worst in avg opp QB rating (97.2).  Kolb actually passed better when under pressure (rating 147.2) or when blitzed (104.7) than with no pressure (85).  San Fran blitzed a lot actually 28 of 36 pass plays.

So while Kolb numbers aren't outstanding they are solid and Philly did end up winning.  His team's pass blocking was not great, he was under pressure all game, was being constantly blitzed and performed well under pressure.   I would have to rate his game quite highly considering all these factors.  I also think that in the near future if he gets better pass blocking against a weaker defense he may put up big numbers.  This week he is playing Atlanta which has the 9th lowest opp QB rating in the league (72.5).  According to the PFF guys they are also the 5th best pass rush team.  Kolb could have his hands full if his O-line doesn't step it up.

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