Friday, October 22, 2010

Some interesting fantasy NFL football plays this week

I'm going to try to make this a weekly post.  Every Friday I make a few fantasy picks.  Now I'm not going to pick Peyton Manning, Chris Johnson, Adrain Peterson or anything obvious.  I'm going to look for players that may be a little under the radar (at least in my mind) and maybe a little controversial.  Maybe they work out maybe not we will see but I'm going to give it a shot.

Colt McCoy (QB Browns) - Browns have come out and announced him as the starter with their starter and backup out.  I was quite impressed with his effort last week (read my analysis here) and that  was against a fearsome Steelers defense.  This week the Browns are playing New Orleans and while I am not sure that they will win I think McCoy could have a solid game.  New Orleans are ranked last in pass rush and the Browns have been doing a good jon protecting their QBs so McCoy should have plenty of time.  The Browns may also have to play from behind so McCoy may have to throw a lot.  New Orleans is ranked 7th in least amount of passing yards but I don't always pay attention to that ranking.

Marshawn Lynch (RB Seahawks) - Made his debut against the Bears last week after being traded to Seahawks.  Debut wasn't outstanding but not bad (17 Att, 44 yds, TD) and he was splitting carries with Justin Forsett (10 carries).  Chicago has one of the best run defenses in the league (4th according to PFF, 3rd in YPG) so that is actually not a bad effort.  I expect him to be more involved this week against a porous Arizona run defense who are ranked last in the league (according to PFF) and 29th in YPG. 

Jeremy Maclin (WR Eagles)- The best thing that happened to Maclin was Kolb taking over a starting QB.  He was targetted 14 times in the last 2 weeks with Kolb as QB compared to 13 times in 3 games with Vick as QB.  Now Kolb has been in control for a few weeks I expect the synergy with Maclin to develop further.  Added to the fact that Desean Jackson is out I expect Kolb to be looking his way a lot against the Titans (check out my analysis if Kolb this week here).

Danny Woodhead (RB Patriots) -  This is a bit of a trick pick.  He is listed as a WR and RB in yahoo fantasy football and I am actually playing him as a WR this week.  The Patriots use him in so many ways so we have to look at all aspects of the Chargers defense to see how he matches up.  Firstly the Chragers run defense is a little suspect (23rd rank pass rush, 14 rank run defense in PFF but 6th in least YPG rushing).  When I see a descrepency in the rankings like that there are usually questions marks.  The Patriots are the 4th ranked team for rush block so you got to think they have an advatage there.  They also use Woodhead very effectively in the passing game and the Chargers are ranked 12th in pass coverage.  But they will use him in 3rd down situations.  Then there is the fact that they have Tom Brady who can find a weakness in any defense.

Monday I will go through these picks and see how I shaped up.  Good or bad.

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