Friday, October 22, 2010

Roddy White is doing some serious trash talking

Roddy White has been mouthing off before the Facons game aginst the Bengals this weekend.  Here are some quotes.

“Chad Ochocinco, T.O., Pacman and the rest of the Cincinnati Bengals are coming to the Dome. We gonna send them home nice and quietly – tell ‘em leave quietly … this is my city – ATL."

“I’m gonna get working on the DBs they have – I don’t even know these guys names – but hey, I’m gonna go at them … and we’re going to have a successful Sunday."

” … This is not really a big game for us. It’s just the next game on the schedule. Unfortunately it’s against the Bengals and they think they’re good. I don’t even know their record – I think they’re like 2-4 … which is not really good."

“They do a lot of talking before the season started and now we’re gonna shatter their dreams, hearts and desires on Sunday.”

There is also a video check out this link:

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