Friday, October 15, 2010

Shaun Hill and the Lions O-line have been doing a great job lately

MINNEAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 26: Quarterback Shaun Hill  of the Detroit Lions hands the ball off to Maurice Morris  during the second half against the Minnesota Vikings at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on September 26, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Lions 24-10. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Shaun Hill had a big week last week for the Lions against the Rams leading them to a 44-6 win.  Let's look at his passing numbers.

Att 30, Comp 21, 227 yds, 3TDs, 0 INTs, QB rating 125.3, PFF rating 4.5

These are good numbers and his performance played a major role in the Lions getting their first win.  He was helped by a good team effort, 146 yards after the catch and only one dropped pass from his receivers.  His O-line and pass blocking team also did a great job by limiting the Rams to 0 sacks, 0 QB hits and only 5 QB pressures all day!!!! (see my other post on San Diego where they had 34 pressures in one game!!!).

As you would expect the Rams pass rush rating was pretty dismal (-6 from the PFF guys).  What's even more surprising is that the Rams have been crushing teams in the pass rush this year including the Seahawks (7.8 rating), Redskins (8.5) and the Raiders (7.9) in the last three weeks.  In fact the Rams are ranked 11th for pass rush by Pro Football Focus which makes the Lions effort even more surprising.  They are ranked 22nd for pass yards per game (may be due their ordinary pass coverage) but 15th in lowest opp QB rating (80).  In all the Rams are a pretty good pass defense team.

Even more surprising is the Lions effort the week before against Green Bay.  Now they did lose that game by only 2 points remember (26-28).  Shaun Hill also had decent numbers in that game (won't post them here unless someone asks for them).  The Packers pass rush had been steamrolling teams in the first three weeks including the Bears, Bills and Eagles for a total of 13 sacks, 12 QB hits and 40 QB pressures.  Clay Mathews was leading the charge.  Then they play Detroit and are shut down for 3 sacks, 2 QB hits and 4 QB pressures.  The Detroit O-line and pass block team had another big game with a 9.3 rating by PFF.  The very next week the Packers were back to business with another huge pass rushing game v the Redskins (although they lost they manages 5 sacks, 8 QB hits and 20 QB pressures).

A big test for the Detroit O-line will be this week against the NY giants who have been steamrolling teams lately with their pass rush.  If the Lions can hold up to them this week then they are the real deal.

(NOTE:  I get a lot of my stats from Pro Football Focus check them out)

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