Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interesting pitching matchups for Thursday's MLB games

Only seven games tomorrow after the all star break but I picked out a couple of interesting pitching matchups that may be of interest.

Justin Masterson (Indians) v Orioles
Masterson (7-6) has had a decent year and his last game against the Yankees was a good one (3 hits) and he has won his last 2 starts.  His record against the Orioles is not great (3-3 overall and 1-3 with the Indians) and he his record against at Camden Yards is also not great (0-2, has not pitched there this year). But he has had some success against the heart of the Orioles order : Guerrero (17 AB, BA 0.176), Markakis (16AB, BA 0.125) and Adam Jones (11 AB, BA 0.091).  The Orioles also just got ruffed up by the Red Sox (4 game sweep) so their confidence is down.  This could be a good game for Masterson.

Yovani Gallardo (Brewers) v Rockies
Gallardo is having a great year for the Brwers (10-5).  However he is a much better pitcher at home (7-1) than away (3-4) and he is pitching at Coors Field on Friday.  Some key Rockies players have good batting records against him : Todd Helton (13 AB, BA 0.385), Troy Tulowitzski (12AB, BA 0.333), Carlos Gonzalez (11 AB, BA 0.455), Ian Stewart (8 AB, BA 0.500), Ryan Spillborghs (8AB, BA 0.375).  This could be a high scoring game (see Jimenez below) and the batting looks like it will dominate.

Ubaldo Jimenez (Rockies) v Brewers
After a great year last year (19-8) Jimenez is struggling this year (4-8).  Even more amazing are his struggles at home (1-5 this year compared to 9-2 last year).  These stats alone don't look good for his matchup against the Brewers at Coors field this Friday.  However a number of Brewers have great records against Jimenez as well including Ryan Braun (17AB, BA 0.353), Prince Fielder (14 AB, BA 0.286), Rickie Weeks (11 AB, BA 0.545), Nyger Morgan (7AB, BA 0.571).  Doesn't look good for Jimenez and the Brewers could really rack up some runs against him on Friday.

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