Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prominant MLB position players that could struggle on Sunday

Here are some players that are in the top 100 for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball but have struggled against today's pitchers in the past.  Chances are you may have them on your team and you may want to look for other options.

Joey Votto (Reds, 1B) v Jaime Garcia (Cardinals, SP) - 11AB, BA 0.091
Jay Bruce (Reds) v Jaime Garcia (Cardinals, SP) - 10AB, BA 0.100
Hunter Pence (Astros, OF) v Kevin Correia (Pirates, SP) - 12AB, BA 0.167
Adrew McCutcheon (Pirates) v Wandy Rodriguez (Astros, SP) - 14AB, BA 0.143
Torii Hunter (Angels, OF) v Gio Gonzalez (Athletics, SP) - 17AB, BA 0.118
Bobby Abreu (Angels, OF) v Gio Gonzalez (Athletics, SP) - 16AB, BA 0.063

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