Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some history to keep in mind after the first round of the British Open

Amazing first round at the British Open, some real surprises (as always) and some disappointments (as always).  Still a long way to go a lot of interesting facts have come to the surface.  Fist of all lets look at an analysis of the winners from the last 30 years and how they played in the first round.

1.  Only Tiger Woods (2005) had the outright lead (1 shot) and one.  Only three other men: John Daly (1995), Greg Norman (1993) and Tom Watson (1980) have had a share of the lead after the first round and won.  This is probably due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to deal with the pressure of leading the British Open from the start.

2.  The average first round score of the eventual winner is 69.

3.  Of the 27 players that trailed after the first round the average number of shots behind is 3 (but from the graph below the median is 2).

4.  No player has shot more than 74 and won (Harrington, 2008; Norman, 1993, 1986).

5.  The lowest first round score by a winner was 65 (Oosthuizen last year).

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