Monday, July 18, 2011

Upcoming MLB series this week - Fantasy implications

I have picked some interesting stats that could have fantasy implications this week.  Want to know how your fanatsy players matchup this week?  Send me a message and I will check up the stats for you!

Twins vs Indians (at Minnesota)

First thing to note is that Grady Sizemore (Indains, OF) is now on the DL (again).

Michael Cuddyer (Twins, OF, Yahoo rank 82)vs the Twins this year (21AB, BA 0.143) and has struggled in the last week (12AB. 0.154).  You may want to stay away from him this series.

Delmon Young (Twins, OF, Yahoo rank 842) has been on fire lately (15AB, BA 0.467 last 7 days).  But watch out because this year he has struggled against Masterson (Indians, SP) who pitches later in the series (14AB, BA 0.143)

Michael Brandtley (Indians, OF, yahoo rank 113) has struggled this year at Minnesota (8AB, BA 0.125) but has been hitting well lately (19AB, BA 0.368 last week) so keep this in mind.

Asdrubel Cabrera (Indians, SS, yahoo rank 23) has a great record this year vs Liriano (Twins, SP) who pitches later in the week (19AB, BA 0.579).

Red Sox v Orioles (at Baltimore)

You can't go wrong with most of the Red Sox players in their series against the O's.
While it is obvious that Adrain Gonzalez should be in your fantasy lineup every day here are some stats that will excite you for the sereies vs the Orioles.

Adrian Gonzalez is absolutely killing the O's this year - 32AB, BA 0.500.  At Cambden Yards he is also killing them, 13AB, 0.463 BA.  Plus he has had good records this year vs all the pitchers in this series :  Bergensen, Guthrie and Arrieta (BA at least above 400).  Should be series where A-Gon piles on the stats.

Jacoby Ellsbury also has a good record this year against the O's (35 AB, 0.457 BA) and at Cambden Yards (14 AB, 0.500 BA).

Reds v Pirates (at Pittsburgh)

Joey Votto (Reds, 1B) - Career vs Pirates (69 AB, 0.420 BA)
Drew Stubbs (Reds, OF, yahoo rank 54) vs Pirates at Pittsburgh (36 AB, 0.194)
Jay Bruce (Reds, OF, yahoo rank 39 ) vs Pirates 2011 (19AB, 0.474 BA)

Marlins v Mets (at New York)

Gaby Sanchez (Marlins, 1B, yahoo rank 86) - 2011 vs Mets (17 AB, 0.412 BA)
Omar Infante (Marlins, 2B, yahoo rank 761) - career vs Mets at Citi Field (59 AB, 0.424 BA), 2011 vs Mets at Citi Field (4AB, 0.750BA)
Hanley Ramirez (Marlins, SS, yahoo rank 88) - 2011 vs Mets (20 AB, 0.150 BA, no hits at Citi Field)
Mike Stanton (Marlins, OF, yahoo rank 70) - career vs Mets (38 AB, 0.184 BA) at Citi Field (16 AB, 0.125 BA)

Carlos Beltran (Mets, OF, yahoo rank 44) - 2011 v Marlins (13 AB, 0.231 BA)

Yankees v Rays (at Tampa)

Mark Tiexeira (Yankees, 1B, yahoo rank 43) - 2011 vs Rays (14 AB, 0.214)
Brett Gardner (Yankees, OF, yahoo rank 98) - career vs Rays (97 AB, 0.196 BA), 2011 vs Rays (14 AB, 0.357 BA)
Curtis Granderson (Yankees, OF, yahoo rank 5) - 2011 vs Rays (19 AB, 0.105 BA), 2011 at Tropicana Field (9 AB, 0.111 BA)

Ben Zobrist (Rays, utility, yahoo rank 56) - 2011 vs Yankees (16 AB, 0.375)
Evan Longoria (Rays, 1B, yahoo rank 252) - 2011 vs Yankees (20 AB, 0.252 BA)
BJ Upton (Rays, OF, yahoo rank 47) - 2011 at Tropicana Field (154 AB, 0.182 BA)

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